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About Us

Superior Gymnastics’ Mission Statement

Develop the strength, balance, and flexibility of a child’s body, mind, and spirit through gymnastics instruction and physical activity.

Superior’s Vision

‘Superior’ children prepared to lead ‘Superior’ lives.

Superior’s Core Values

  • Flexibility:  Just like our gymnasts are flexible, so too is our business.  At Superior, we appreciate the busy schedules of you and your children.  Whether you are engaging in introductory programs or competitive level gymnastics, we value flexibility in adapting programs and/or training schedules and approaches to meet the specific objectives, needs, and interests of each individual child and family that we serve.

  • Balance:  Just like our gymnasts have exceptional balance, so too does our business.  We bring a holistic approach to the development of your child.  We nurture their mind, their body, and their spirit.  We understand, support, and accommodate the demands of school and/or other sports and activities.  We bring a balanced approach to instruction, education, and discipline that feeds the spirit and builds the self-confidence of your child.

  • Strength:  Just like our gymnasts are strong, so too is our business.  We will manage our business with the same tenacity and discipline that we ask of our gymnasts.  Though we will be fiscally sound, we have defined a mission and objectives that have nothing to do with financial returns.  Rather, we seek to impact each individual child in a way that builds muscle, character, and self esteem.  And, like our business, we will work with your child to set and pursue goals with passion and purpose.

  • Safe and Fun:  We consider these values as a ‘Right to Play.’  Any gymnastics and recreational activity center must provide a safe and fun environment in order to remain in business.  In all that we do, we will ensure the safety of your child.  We maintain the highest standards for the equipment we procure, the techniques we teach, and the staff we hire.  And, we bring a passion and energy that facilitates a fun and memorable experience for your child, even in the midst of hard work and discipline.