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Girls Gymnastics

Recreational Gymnastics Classes for Girls at Superior Gymnastics


Recreational gymnastics classes are for school-aged boys and girls who are interested in learning the basics of the sport in a fun and noncompetitive environment.  Recreational gymnastics provides an excellent, well-rounded base to any child who wants to develop their athletic ability, gain strength, balance and flexibility. Because it takes 700-1000 times of repetition for muscle memory to take over on specific skills, we practice skills like forward rolls and backward rolls over and over in order for your child to master it. We try to keep our classes small in order to give your child a lot of personalized attention.


Beginner 1  (5+ years)    

Time – 1 hour | Price – $68/month

 Beginner 1 is a class for girls ages 5 and up.  An exciting 60 minute gymnastics class where girls are introduced to all 4 Olympic events; vault, bars, beam, floor as well as spending time on our tumble trak, and in our above ground foam pit. This is a progressive gymnastics class where the focus is learning beginner gymnastics skills in a fun, positive atmosphere.


Beginner 2  (5+ years)  

Time – 1 hour | Price – $68/month

 Beginner 2 is a class for girls ages 5 and up.  A fun 60 minute gymnastics class for Beginner 1 graduates where girls can continue their work on all events and work on perfecting those gymnastics basics such as cartwheels, handstands and pullovers as well as introducing new skills to keep class exciting and new.


Intermediate  (6+ years)

 Time – 1.5 hours | Price – $95/month

 Intermediate is an hour and half gymnastics class where girls are able to spend more time dedicated to each event and take their learning to a new level. In this class girls are introduced to walkovers, and handsprings, as well as handstands and cartwheels on beam. Girls must have been promoted from Beginner 2.


Intermediate 2  (6+ years)

 Time – 1.5 hours | Price – $95/month

 Intermediate 2 is an hour and half gymnastics class where girls work on progressing their skills. This is a class where skills begin taking off. Skills build on the Intermediate level foundation. Girls will begin working on round-off back handsprings, front handspring vaults and kips to name a few.


Advanced  (7+ years)

 Time – 2 hours | Price – $110/month

 A 2 hour, once a week recreational gymnastics class where advanced level gymnasts progress to front and back tucks and walkovers on beam as well as beginning high bar work.  All this can be accomplished in a recreational environment without pressure to ever join a team.  Intermediate 2 is a prerequisite for this class.