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Tumbling Classes

Tumble 1- (Ages 6+ years)

 Time: 1 hour | Price – $68/month

 Tumble 1 teaches the next level of tumbling skills which include round offs, back walk overs, dive forward rolls, back extension rolls, and handstand forward rolls. Your child will have the opportunity to progress in a fun, supervised setting.



Tumble 2- (Ages 7+ years)

 Time: 1 hour | Price – $68/month

 This class begins to take the basics learned in the previous two classes and apply them to more advanced tumbling skills such as back handsprings, front handsprings, and round off back handsprings.



Tumble 3- (Ages 8+ years)

 Time: 1 hour | Price – $68/month

 This class is a more advanced class that teaches skills like standing tucks, round off back handspring tucks, and punch fronts.



Open Tumble (Ages 18+ years)

 Time: 1 hour | Price – $5/person

 For athletes that already have, at minimum, a round off back handspring back tuck and are working towards upper level tumbling.  This hour is also open to those, 18 years and older, who are former gymnasts that would like to brush up on their skills.  This session does have an instructor who can offer guidance, but no hands on instruction.  Open tumble is also available for parkour practitioners and break dancers, etc to come and use the gym at their discretion to work skills of their choice.


Available days for Open Tumble are: Tuesday, and Thursday from  8:00-9:00 pm.  Wednesday Open Tumble has been cancelled due to low participation.